I joined the Marines and I was in Afghanistan one night and I was out doing patrols, doing the perimeter checks. It was routine. And I saw my friend, who had died two weeks before, standing at the post where he was usually at. It was really odd. I saw him standing there keeping watch. It was the first time I ever had a paranormal experience, but not the last. After that, like, a door opened up. And now I see a lot of paranormal stuff… on a daily basis. But it was really scary because as I was coming up to him, as I was walking up, doing my perimeter check, he wasn't there. When I saw him he was about 80 feet away. I didn’t notice him until I got to that point. It was really weird because I didn’t realize he was there. It was one of those things where I had checked my area, clear, made sure that my six was clear (behind him), made sure that everything… He looked normal. He didn’t look like he had been shot at all.

I was drinking at one of my buddy’s graves with a couple of other guys. We were chilling out and drinking and everyone had left except me and my fiancé. So my fiancé is like “Hey, Baby, I’ll meet you at the car.” So I gave her a kiss and she went back to the car. So I sit there and I’m drinking a beer and I’m like “I love you, bud.” I was like “I wish you were still here with me.” He was shot in the throat. He had died really slowly. It was really painful. He said “It’s O.K., I’m still here.” And I heard it audible, like you’re talking to me now. It was audible and I look over and I see the image of him. He looks at me and I see a hole in his throat. It was really scary. It looked like he had a trach. He was so scary it sent a weird feeling through my body and my eyes started watering. I wasn’t angry, I wasn’t sad, I wasn’t, like, scared. It was just a feeling of it.

I saw one time a kid that I had killed in Afghanistan. I had to. It was part of my job. I was told to. I was given directive. And I saw him and he gave me forgiveness.

These experiences have given me closure. Not comfort but closure. They have done something in me to calm the tides in my heart, in my soul. A lot of people don’t believe it. A lot of people don’t care. Fuck what everybody else says. It happened.

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