I went out to Breitenbush Hot Springs to visit a friend who lives out there. We were talking and I remarked how incredible the big earthquake was that they had in Japan. She said “What are you talking about?” I told her there had been a 9.2 earthquake in Japan. She said she hadn’t heard about it. I have an earthquake app on my phone and it tells me whenever there is a big earthquake and it came up and notified me that there had been a 9.2 earthquake in Japan. I thought that an earthquake that size would cause a tsunami and you would hear about it on the news, but I searched the news and found nothing about it. I thought that was very odd. Two days later, Japan had the big earthquake. My girlfriend asked me how I knew about the earthquake two days before it happened? I said “I’m telling you, it came up on the app. I saw it on the app.” I've gone back several times to look for that notice and I can’t find it, which is strange because the app saves all the prior notices.

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