Otto was an old man, my grandmother’s boyfriend. He had a heart condition and the doctor gave him six months to live. Six months goes by and he’s still alive. The doctor tells him that it was amazing that he had made it through those six months and that he was really living on borrowed time. The doctor tells him again that he has six months to live. This went on for eight years. He ended up living with his sister-in-law. One night they were watching David Letterman on TV and just after midnight, there came a knock on the door. His sister-in-law gets up and she couldn’t figure out who would be coming to her door so late in the evening. So she went to the door and there was no-one there. When she went back to the living-room, Otto was dead in his chair.

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Ann Cottone
8/31/2013 15:21:10

Now that is sure strange


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