It was one of those times when I was just plain broke. I had been out of work for a while and I wasn't finding any new jobs. I was self-employed as a handyman and I had called several of my past clients who would be most likely to have some work for me. But everyone seemed to be out of town or just not needing any help. I had paid the rent, which wiped me out of my cash and the last of my savings. I was eating whatever inexpensive food I could buy after going to the grocery store with the pocketful of coins I had gotten from my coin-jar at home.  Now, all the coins were gone and I was dead broke. I flipped through old books in my room hoping that I might have left myself a hidden gift of a ten or twenty-dollar bill. No such luck. No-one owed me money and I wasn't in the habit of borrowing money from anyone. My truck insurance bill arrived a couple of weeks earlier and if I didn't pay it soon, my insurance would expire. If that happened, I wouldn't be able to drive my truck. As a handyman, having my truck was vital for future jobs, so I was feeling desperate... and hungry... literally. I needed a minimum of $100 to pay my insurance and have food for a couple of days while I tried to find more work. What to do? What to do? The last option was to go check my post office box. Maybe there would be a "Hail Mary" check there... some unexpected money from an unexpected source. So I drove to town, went into the post office, put the key in the keyhole of the P.O. box door and opened it. Empty. Sigh. I walked to the exit, pushed the door open, looked down on the sidewalk and saw a dollar bill. "It isn't much, but maybe my luck is changing," I thought to myself as I bent down to pick it up. Examining it more closely, I realized that it was a $100 bill! I looked around and there was no-one in the post office lobby and no-one within a half-block of the post office. The money was mine.

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