I used to do contracting for the Coast Guard. We were awarded a contract on a lighthouse, in New London, Connecticut, the Latimer Reef Lighthouse, about a mile from the shore. There were various projects to do there. I arrived at the lighthouse the first day and I was cutting old bolts out of the wall with an acetylene torch. While I was cutting, I heard this music, this folk song, and I figured it was just the torch whistling into the hole. But I continued to hear the song after I stopped the torch. So I thought it must be the cap on top of the oxygen bottle whistling, but it wasn’t. And I kept hearing it. It was a woman singing an old folk song. When I got back to the mainland, I went in to the main Coast Guard station. I told them I had this funny experience. I heard somebody singing. It was an older woman singing an old folk song. They said “that’s the first we hear of anything happening at that particular lighthouse. In other lighthouses we’ve had a lot of ghost reports, but not that one.” So I was the first one to hear the ghost of that lighthouse.

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