When I went to college in the 1980's, the tuition was a burden. Aside from the scholarships and loans, there was a portion I was supposed to pay and a part that was my mother's responsibility.  Because she worked at such a low-paying job and had no savings to speak of, I paid "her" portion too.  I always worked during the summers, during school vacations and had an on-campus job every year.  One year when tuition was due I was $700 short.  I had been frugal, but there just wasn't enough.  My mother suggested that I play the lottery.  It seemed ridiculous but I bought a ticket.  I matched five out of six numbers.  Typically matching five numbers brought the winner about $1200.  This time though the pot was smaller and I won $699.  My mother felt like I had been ripped off. But who can complain about getting exactly what one needs?

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