I grew up in New Orleans. We moved there when I was five. My mother loved it. She and my Dad were from the Mid-West.  My Mom just loved living in New Orleans. She fit right in, which is kind of a hard thing to do if you’re not from New Orleans. She passed away in 1992. She passed away and it was very sad. Years later I went to a meeting there, a professional meeting, in New Orleans. I hadn’t been back for years… since Katrina. I was there in my hotel room and I came out of the bathroom and I just saw this shape in the room and I had never seen a ghost before. I thought “There’s something here.” I just began to cry. On another day, I was in the main room of my hotel room and the blow-dryer hopped off the counter. Maybe I didn’t have the cord wrapped right but I’ve never had another blow-dryer hop off the counter. I think it was my mother. She loved New Orleans so much, maybe she decided to stick around.

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