Up in the Hood River area I had a VW van. Its emergency brake did not work. I had two kids with me and I’m driving down the road and I see a sign that says “nectarines.” I think “Oh, I’ve got to get some nectarines.” So I go up this road. It’s a dirt road. It curves around and then it goes up a hill to the house that is selling them. I drive up there, park the van, get the kids out of the van and then realize that I did not put it into first gear when I parked. It starts to move and it’s heading down this steep hill, front-ways. At that point, the wheels must have turned because it curves around and falls over onto its side. Then it pops back up on all four tires! It crosses the road and stops. I can’t believe what I am seeing. It is against all rules… How can this be? I walked down close to it and I see that it had fallen against a very big post, pushed the post over and then the post sprung back up, pushing my Volkswagen upright! The accident caused the post to pop out of the ground. I thought “Oh, dear!” I walked back up the driveway to the woman who was selling the nectarines and I said “I’ve done something to your post. My van hit it and it popped out of the ground.” And she said “That’s wonderful! I’ve been trying to get that post out of the ground for years!”

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