Summer of 2010, I went to the Oregon County Fair. At that point I had been going to the Fair for 25 years. I never snuck in. Everybody sneaks in. Well I never snuck in. I decided to sneak in that year. I was 47 years old. So I had to scale a 13-foot fence to get in. I got in, it was late at night, dark, and we’re walking around. We stopped and talked to a couple of guys and this one guy says “Hey! You guys like shrimp?” And I say “Yeah, we LOVE shrimp!” He says for us to go over to his place as he has 500 pounds of shrimp. So we go there with him to his booth and we eat some shrimp and he has about 60 cocktail sauces. So we try all these cocktail sauces. We eat all these shrimp and we go on our way. Later on that evening, I walk up to some guy in the dark, in the randomness of this festival I walk up to this guy and I say “Hey, tell me a story.” So the guy says “O.K., I’ll tell you a story. I’ll tell you a story about a man named Dwaine who likes to eat a lot of shrimp and his van broke down in California.” Then he said “end of story.” My name is Dwaine, I like to eat a lot of shrimp and a week prior to that, my van broke down in California.

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