In 1988, when I was in kindergarten, former President Richard Nixon moved into my town. This was the town I grew up in. I was very young so I didn’t know what a president was or anything like that, but my mother knew who Richard Nixon was. For Halloween that year my Mom took us out trick-or-treating. Of course, she took us to Richard Nixon’s house. That was her chance to see a former president. Eventually, we get to the door of his house. My mother rings the bell and, sure enough, former President Richard Nixon comes to the door. I didn’t understand who he was but I did understand that this was Halloween and that we would go to people’s doors and they would give us candy, so I loved going to people’s doors. So he comes out and he gives us Bic pens. Not with his name on it or anything, just ordinary Bic pens. That was it. That was the time I met Richard Nixon.

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