This was years and years ago when I was working in a theater in upstate New York. It was Summerstock Theater. We had a really long tech rehearsal that went into the wee, wee hours of the morning. In fact, it was just starting to get light when we were heading back… they housed us in dormatories. It was a college. I was walking with someone from the cast across campus and we saw this light coming. It was silent. There was no engine noise. It was in the sky, not very high, just over the tops of the trees. It glided from one part of where we could see to… there was a dining hall and as it came closer, we could see that it was a flying saucer. I swear to God. It was shaped like a saucer. It glowed from the inside. I’m not the kind of person who easily believes in stuff; I don’t really like sci-fi stories. But this was something I witnessed myself. It hovered for a minute over the roof of the dining hall, which is the biggest building on the campus, and then it took off again until we were no longer able to see it. We both saw it. To this day I can’t say that I really believe in flying saucers but what the heck was that? It sure looked like a flying saucer to me.

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