My name is Sky. In Durango, Colorado after the National Rainbow Family Gathering in New  Mexico, I was with some friends at the “Food Not Bombs” house. We’re in the front yard of this house one evening smoking cigarettes and we see, above the trees, these vibrant green sparks. We all run out into the middle of the street because we think that someone is setting off fireworks and we want to see them.  We see more sparks in the air but we don’t really see any fireworks going off.  We’re waiting for something to happen but nothing did so we thought that maybe  it was a dud. So we start to head back to the house when this thing in the air comes bobbing around. It is oblong, two long spheres connected longwise. They’re floating. In the apparent front one, there is a green light. It was the most vibrant green I have ever seen. It was shaped like an upright rectangle. It was where you might imagine would be the driver’s seat. The white stuff that the thing was made out of was like tissue material… it looked like a cross of tissue and light. But it’s not pure light and it’s not actual tissue. This thing is bobbing in the air. There is no noise whatsoever. My dog was there and he wasn’t barking. He just seemed to be just as in awe as we are. We were all there with our jaws dropped. This thing bobbed along about fifteen feet off the ground. It’s bobbing along in the air and it comes to the corner of the street. We didn’t feel scared, we were just in awe and fascinated. It gave me a child-like feeling. This thing seemed to be a living organism. It bobbed down to about eleven feet off the ground and got to be just about four feet away from us. The two spheres were about two and a half feet across each. It stops bobbing and it is just sitting there in the air, floating like something in the ocean would swim, like a jellyfish would swim. Then it turns to “look” down the other road (we were in the yard of a corner house) and then it turned and “looked” at us. It seemed to notice us noticing it because it startled, there was a little jump like it was startled. It turns and goes down the road that it had been looking down, goes about three or four houses down the street, goes higher, turns and goes above the roof of a house, shoots out into the sky and gets as small as a star, zig-zags across the sky, circles a few times, does a little spiral thing, and then shoots across the sky and goes under the horizon. Since then, I have seen other things. I have never been under the influence of anything when I saw these things, which I am grateful for. It drives you a little mad, though, because I had never questioned anything before. Seeing stuff like this opens your eyes to other things, things I would have never considered. And the things I have seen since then, I would have never inquired about things like that.

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