I was surfing the internet one night and I came across a site about Samuel Clements, the real name of Mark Twain. The site talked about how he believed in synchronicity. For example, he wouldn't write a letter to a friend he found himself thinking about because he believed that meant the  same friend was thinking about him and was probably writing him a letter. So he would wait to receive and read that letter before he replied. He believed deeply that anytime someone had an idea, that someone else, somewhere in the world, was having the same idea at the same time. 

One night Samuel Clements is at a party and he is getting ready to leave. He tells the people at the party that he would like for them to witness his departure because he is having strong thoughts of a friend that he hasn't seen in ten years and he is convinced that he will see this friend just outside the door of this house. He leaves the house and runs right into that friend.

I like to go fly fishing and I tie my own flies. Later the same evening, after I read about Samuel Clements, I had the idea that I was going to teach my two nieces the basics of tying flies and then see what they might come up with. The next day I'm on this fly-fishing blog and some guy says that he had the idea the evening before to teach the basics of tying flies to his wife and his daughter to see what they may produce. The weird thing is, he signed his name "Samuel Clements."

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