A few years ago I was in Ladd’s Addition (a section of the city of Portland, OR) riding my bicycle on the road that comes up from the Hawthorne District and meets up at the roundabout. I was waiting at a stop sign with my foot on the curb. There was an apple tree off to the right, up in someone’s yard. It was late in the summer and I looked up and saw all these apples in the tree.  I was hungry and I thought those apples looked pretty good. I wished I had one to eat. Within seconds of my thinking that, I heard an apple falling down through the branches of the tree. It fell into some bushes. I couldn’t see it for a moment, then it rolled out of the bushes, down the yard, across the sidewalk and came to a stop right at my foot.  I was amazed. Every year I go back and try to eat an apple from that tree.

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