It was two weeks after Christmas and I was sitting at my grandma’s house, after my aunt had died. I was staying with my grandmother for the night to make sure that she was O.K. I was sitting in the living-room and it was about two in the morning. I looked over because I saw something come out of the back room and it was this short, little shadow-figure-thing and it walks from the bedroom to the bathroom. It was in the bathroom for about ten minutes and then it walks back. And I was freaking out. The next morning I was telling my grandmother “I swear I saw Auntie. I swear to God.” And she says “Probably.” I thought “I am never going into that bedroom, never, ever, ever, ever.” And now that’s my room. I’ve seen her a few times since. I’ve been in that room for three years now and I see her once in a while but not frequently, like it used to be. But she’s still there. It freaks me out but it’s kind of cool.

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