This is a story of a miracle. It was 1971, I was 18 years old and I had become homeless the year before. A Christian family had taken me in and we read the bible and did drugs every day. The man of the house was a small-time drug dealer. When it came to the bible, at first I didn’t believe and I struggled to understand what I was reading. One night, feeling desperate and alone and hopeless, I asked Jesus to come into my heart, though I had no hope that anything would happen. I cried myself to sleep. In the morning when I woke
up, I felt strangely refreshed. Everything seemed to have a sharpness and a glow around it. The Old-English bible I had been reading had been printed in 1819 and it had been very difficult for me to understand. But that morning, when I read my bible, everything was crystal clear. I understood everything, simply and completely. We lived about five miles from town and I did not have a car. It was a rural area with little traffic so hitch-hiking was unreliable. Most of the time I just walked all of the way to town. Soon after the bible became clear to me, I was walking into town and I was passing this area that had four raised-ranches in a row. They were the only houses around. Several dogs lived in that little neighborhood. I had walked past the third house when I got this feeling that I should look behind me. About a hundred feet behind me there were three dogs running at me, their teeth bared. Front and center in the pack was a large German Sheppard. He was growling in a threatening way and looked especially vicious. I felt deeply calm. I looked right at him and I said “Jesus loves you.” And, I swear, he froze in mid-air and mid-stride, not standing on the road, but frozen in mid-air. The other two dogs kept running towards me, so I said to them “Jesus loves you.” And they, too, completely froze. I turned and continued walking where I was going. After 50 feet or so I looked back at the dogs and now they were standing in the road, each with a shocked and dazed look of “what hit me?” Later, I found out that the German Sheppard’s name was "Satan.”

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