There was going to be a meteor shower that evening so some friends and I decided to go to the mountains and camp overnight so we could see them. I spent the whole night just lying on my back in my sleeping bag, watching the beauty of the sky all night long. I was fully dressed and I was wearing a necklace with stones and a large medallion that was special to me. When I saw that the sky was getting light in the pre-dawn, I got out of my sleeping bag and stood facing east, wanting to greet the sunrise. I was holding my hands, palms up, at about waist-level, waiting to receive the beauty of the sunrise. Suddenly, my necklace fell from around my neck and into my open hands. “Darn!” I thought. This was my favorite necklace and somehow it had broken. But when I held the necklace up to see where it had broken, not only was it not broken but the clasp was still locked.

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