When I was six or seven years old, I lived in an old house in Seattle. In this one room, by a certain wall, when I walked by, the wall would sort of dissolve and “open up” and it would sweep me inside of it. As I walked past, the wall would just sort of disappear and then I would be inside of it; not trapped between the layers or on the other side of it but in a whole different place. Inside that space was a circle of little people with painted faces. This happened many times. I remember this sound, a really weird, deep sound that I heard while I was in that place and it was frightening. When I was 42 years old I was talking to my sister and I was telling her about the “opening” in the wall. To my surprise, she said “I remember seeing you go through that wall.” I didn’t believe her so I told her to tell me which wall it was and she knew exactly which wall it was. That this happened has plagued me for my whole lifetime. 

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